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Adobe Presenter Video Express 10

Adobe Presenter Video Express 10

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Product Overview

Product Overview

Adobe Presenter Video Express 10 lets you create stunning HD videos right from your MAC. Simultaneously capture video feeds of yourself and your screen, and easily mix and edit them to create experiences as impactful as real life. Effortlessly publish your videos to your computer, YouTube, and Dropbox.
New Features

Top Features

Hardware-independent HD video creation [NEW]
Sway audiences with HD videos, regardless of the AV capabilities of your computer and without having to invest in studio equipment. Simultaneously capture your screen and webcam content with just a few clicks. Balance colors, remove noise, and enhance the overall video quality using just Adobe Presenter.

New intuitive UI [NEW]
Edit your videos right within the project timeline. Dynamically mix screen content and webcam video. Easily trim your clips or pan and zoom, without any additional training. Automatically adjust the brightness and sharpness. Enhance audio quality by reducing background noise.

Native resolution screen capture [NEW]
Capture your screen at its full resolution without distortion or changes to onscreen elements, taking the guesswork out of authoring. Leverage enhanced pan-and-zoom scaling to edit videos more easily. Publish to 1280x720 or 1280x800 resolution.

Smart video production [EXISTING]
Let Adobe audio and video filters automatically enhance color, lighting, and audio elements to improve the production quality of your videos.

Enhanced audio filters [EXISTING]
Improve the quality of your audio with built-in filters that provide ambient noise suppression and audio track amplification.

Video add-ons [ENHANCED]
Jazz up your video by selecting a theme from a wide range of introductory and concluding clips. Focus viewer attention by zooming in on specific content. Easily describe your videos with titles, introduce yourself using the Lower Thirds option, and add custom videos and logos to meet branding requirements.

Publishing to video platforms [EXISTING]
Reach a wider audience by publishing video-based content created with Adobe Presenter to YouTube and other video sharing sites.

Video analytics [NEW]
Enable analytics in your videos and quizzes and get detailed reports on learner behavior. Track learner performance in the Learner dashboard by viewing metrics such as time spent on a section, modules taken, and successful completion. Gauge the effectiveness of your videos and identify common drop-out points.

Automatic closed captioning [EXISTING]
Automatically generate closed captions for your audio track with the speech-to-text conversion feature.

Learner intervention [ENHANCED]
Track individual learner progress within the course with learner analytics. Identify learners who are falling behind and direct them to modules for timely course correction.

SRT file creation [NEW]
Generate an SRT file from your Adobe Presenter closed captions. Edit the SRT file and import it back into the project. Use the SRT file to offer subtitles in video-based courses published to third-party video websites and players. Localize the SRT file to deliver course subtitles in regional languages.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

System requirements Presenter Video Express 10 (MAC)

  • Operating System: Mac OS 10.7 and above
  • Processor and memory: Early 2010, 4GB RAM,  i3 Processor
  • Around 1 GB hard disk space
  • Internet connection for generating closed captions
This product is available in the following languages: 
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Spanish

Download Instructions

Download Instructions

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