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Adobe LeanPrint Individual Edition

Adobe LeanPrint Individual Edition

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SR 96.43‌

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Product Overview

Product Overview

Adobe® LeanPrint is a desktop-based printing solution that dramatically reduces paper and toner usage when printing from popular applications and browsers. Convenient to install and use, it works with all printers to let you start saving instantly. Track savings at the document level, and know what you have saved each day or month, using your personal dashboard. Work better with print-optimized documents that are easy to read, distribute, and archive.
Top Features

Top Features

Save substantially
Save money, time, and the planet. Significantly reduce the consumption of paper and toner usage when printing typical office documents thanks to patent-pending technologies from Adobe that automatically fine-tune formatting, colors, and layout at print time.

Save with existing printers
Save on your print jobs regardless of the printer used. Adobe LeanPrint is a software-only solution that provides plug-ins to common desktop applications. Just install it and start saving, without purchasing any additional hardware.

Super Saver Mode
Conveniently print-optimize DOC, XLS, and PDF files with a single click using patent-pending methods to redo the layout of documents and intelligent techniques to cut down toner consumption. Reduce the number of pages printed without loss of content or readability.

Toner Saver Mode
Take advantage of intelligent printing techniques to significantly reduce toner consumption without impacting the layout of DOC, XLS, PPT, and PDF files. Save toner regardless of whether you print in color or grayscale.
Speedy startup
Download Adobe LeanPrint in a jiffy, install it in just a few clicks, and instantly start saving on your print costs.

Economical print path for popular applications
Print the smart way from the applications you use most—Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Adobe Reader® and Acrobat®, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. Print the same way as you always do with Adobe LeanPrint replacing the conventional, wasteful way of printing.

Monitor personal savings with My Savings
Track and aggregate personal savings achieved over days, months, and years from within Adobe LeanPrint. Conveniently monitor your own statistics to help you save more.

Hassle-free printing from Excel
Eliminate the tedium of printing large tables or multisheet files in Excel. Save the time typically wasted in formatting spreadsheets for printing because Adobe LeanPrint does it for you. Work more efficiently with fewer pages to shuffle.

Smarter printing of charts
Print your Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint charts and graphs using patterns instead of grays, retaining their meaning while significantly saving on toner usage.

Clutter-free printing of web pages
Optimize web pages for printing with one click. Get a clean, easy-to-read printout without extraneous information like advertisements, headers, and footers.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs


  • 1.3GHz or faster processor
  • Microsoft® Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Windows Vista®, or Windows 7
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 30MB (32 bit) or 60MB (64 bit) of available hard-disk space for installation
  • 1024x768 display (1280x800 recommended)
  • Microsoft Office 2007 with SP2 or Microsoft Office 2010 32 or 64 bit
  • Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader 9, 10 or 11
  • Firefox 4.x–17, Internet Explorer 8.x or 9.x or Chrome

Adobe LeanPrint requires the current version of Adobe Flash® Player for Internet Explorer. To download Flash Player, visit

Download Instructions

Download Instructions

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