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Which browsers do you support?
This site is best viewed with the following browsers:
  • Internet Explorer 7+
  • Firefox (Windows & Mac) - latest version
  • Chrome - latest version
  • Safari on Mac - latest version

If you are using an older browser such as Internet Explorer 6 or Firefox 3.6, the site might not function properly. Please consider upgrading your browser to the latest version.

Am I buying from Adobe and who is Digital River?
Digital River (including Digital River International SARL. and Digital River Taiwan and Digital River Korea) is an Adobe approved e-commerce reseller. You are buying Adobe products from a valid Adobe store and the e-commerce services for this store are provided by Digital River. Digital River is the merchant of record.
How can I find my order number or view my order history and invoice?
By logging in to My Orders you can view your order history, order numbers and invoices. You can also find your order number by checking the Order Confirmation Email, sent each time you place an order.
Can I order an upgrade from this online store?
Yes. However please make sure that you have the serial number of an earlier version, on the same platform as the one you want to purchase. This is a requirement during the installation process.
Do I have to pay custom or import fees?
Custom and tariff fees may apply according to your country's import laws. These fees are not collected by us, and we do not have control of these fees. You will be able to see the fees amount before submitting your order (at order confirmation stage).
Do I have to pay sales tax?
The laws differ from state to state and country to country. In most parts of the world we are legally required to charge you sales tax according to the calculations you see during the purchasing process. If we do not charge sales tax, you may still be liable to pay the tax yourself.


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Is it safe to use my credit card?
All online credit card sales are kept secure by SSL technology, the most secure encryption technology currently available for electronic transactions. Digital River uses the same credit card networks that retail stores use when you make a credit card purchase in person.
What happens to the information I give you?
Your information is safe with Adobe and Digital River, the approved ecommerce partner for this store. For more information please read Adobe's privacy policy and Digital River's privacy policy.
What payment methods can I use?
Payment types vary by currency and country. Use the table below as a general guide. At check-out time you will be able to choose the available methods available for your country.

Payment types
IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
MYR (Malaysia Ringgits)
PHP (Philippine Peso)
SGD (Singapore Dollar)
THB (Thailand Baht)

The following payment types might result in us taking up to 10 business days to process your order

  • Wire transfer (direct bank deposit)

If you need your order to process faster than 10 days, you may wish to use a faster payment method such as payment by credit card.

If you choose not to pay with a credit card, upon submitting your online order, you will receive an Order Confirmation Email with instructions on how to pay.

Why is my credit card being rejected?

There are many possible reasons for a credit card not being accepted:

  • You use spaces or dashes when entering the credit card number
  • Your name and address do not match the name and address associated with the credit card
  • The card has expired
  • You have reached or exceeded your credit limit
  • You have exceeded your daily charge limit
  • Your security code is incorrect
  • A computer at either end of the transaction is having technical problems.
  • Your credit card provider does not allow international transactions on your card. Please contact your bank for a resolution.

If you have problems submitting your credit card payment, please contact Adobe Customer Service team.

When you contact Adobe Customer Service you may be asked for any error message numbers you received, as well as the reference number seen in the shopping cart. The reference number appears near the top of the check-out page.

When will my credit card be charged?
For purchases of downloaded products, your credit card will be charged within an hour of submitting your order.

For purchases that include both download and physical products, you will be charged twice. You will be charged right away for the download.

How will the charge show up on my credit card?
The charge will show up on your credit card as "DRI*Adobe Sales"
Are there any additional charges with my purchase/transaction?
Even though prices are stated in your local currency, this transaction may constitute an international transaction, since you are purchasing from Digital River International SARL, an Adobe-approved e-commerce reseller. In addition to the price charged for the software, your credit card or bank may levy additional bank or credit card fees or fees for currency conversion. Please verify with your credit card or bank whether additional amounts will be charged before you make your purchase.

Shipping & delivery

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Which countries do you ship to?

Country Physical boxed products Downloads

How much does shipping cost (for physical products)?
Shipping cost is determined by the total weight of all items, shipping method selected, and destination of the order. You will be able to see the total shipping amount before submitting your order (at order confirmation stage). If shipping cost is a concern, we recommend that you purchase the download version of the product.

Note: We are unable to deliver to Post Office Box numbers.

When will my products arrive (for physical products)?
Products ordered directly from us (via phone and online) have a 48-hour order processing time in addition to the carrier's estimated shipping time. Occasionally a high volume of requests or stock shortage can delay dispatch.
Can I change my shipping address or shipping method (for physical products)?
Unfortunately, you cannot change your shipping address or shipping method after you submit your order.

If you would like to change your shipping address or shipping method after your order has been submitted, please contact Adobe's Customer Service team to cancel your order and submit a new order.

Returns & cancellations

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What is your refund policy?
We accept returns within 30 days of receipt.
How do I change my order, cancel my order or request a refund?
To change your order, cancel your order or request a refund, please contact Adobe's Customer Service team.
When will I get my refund?
The following is a general guideline only. Actual time taken depends on your bank and the time it takes them to process your refund.

Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) 5-7 business days
Wire transfer 7-10 business days

Download instructions (for download products)

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How do I download or re-download software that I have already purchased?
After purchasing, if your payment is processed successfully (up to 1 hour processing time), you will receive an Order Confirmation Email containing a Begin Download button. Click this button to download your product.

Alternatively, you can return to your My Orders to resume download or re-download your products for 30 days after the day of purchase. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time with or without notice.

Do not rename the download file as this can cause installation problems.

Where should I save the download file?
You can save the download file anywhere you like but you should be sure to remember that location or the name of the downloaded file. Most people find it easiest to save their download file on their Desktop.
What will happen when I download?
Once the download starts, you will see a pop-up with a status bar and a percentage that will climb to 100%.
What if the download stops before it completes?
If your download stops or is interrupted before it completes, simply click the Begin Download button from the Order Confirmation email again and the download should resume where it left off.
What should I do after I download?
When the download finishes, you should go to the location where you saved the file and double-click on it to begin installation.
I finished downloading my purchase. Where was the file saved?
The file was saved in the default "Save As" location specified by your browser, or the location you selected in the "Save As" window that appeared when the download began. If you know the name of the download file, you can search for the file on your computer.
How do I get my serial number?
Your serial number can be found in the Order Confirmation Email that was sent to you when you submitted the order.

If you do not have your Order Confirmation Email, you can log in to your My Orders to view your order history and get your serial number.

What do I do if my serial number is not working?
Make sure you have the correct serial number from the Order Confirmation Email that was sent when the order was submitted.
How do I get a physical version of my download product?

Unfortunately, we cannot exchange a download product for a physical version of the same product. To obtain a physical product you must place a new order for the physical product. Check the table below to see if we can ship physical products to your country.

Country Physical boxed products Downloads

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To get help with any other issues, contact Adobe Customer Service team.

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